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Well, I did tweak my plans a tad, after all. I decided that, being new to marmalade-making, I would do a very small batch of orange-lime marmalade with sugar, just to see if I would enjoy the process. I didn’t want to waste expensive honey and find out that I really hated boiling, scooping, and mincing the oranges. So this morning I weighed my fruit (for a half batch I only needed 1 smallish orange and half of  a large lime), measured out my sugar, and set to work. As the fruit simmers during the first step of cooking, it fills the kitchen with a delightfully floral, citrus-y fragrance.


Turns out marmalade is a lot of fun.  My pot was a little too big, as you can see, but there wasn’t a smaller one available. When you’re cooking Paleo for seven people, its never that hard to run out of dishes as early as ten o’clock in the morning.


I got two wee quarter-pints, and a few extra tablespoons to taste later. Some of us try to avoid cane sugar, so we will probably be giving these jars as gifts.


Today’s marmalade yield with my new, blue, wide-mouth pints

Tomorrow, I’ll be going ahead with the honey-sweetened batch, still orange-lime, although I picked a different honey. Instead of the mesquite honey I mentioned, I’m using a Turkish floral honey from Trader Joes. I thought the stronger-flavored mesquite might to be overpowering for the citrus.

Blue Skies and Tailwinds,