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img_4547This kale fiesta occurred last Saturday, but after three straight hours of “kaling”, I didn’t feel like posting.

Kale is an important vegetable for us: it’s packed with nutrients and is one of the more affordable organic veggies in the stores. Since we transitioned to a Paleo diet two years ago, we’ve been going through an amazing amount of vegetables every week (two or three at every meal of the day) and have tried in different ways to cut down our time in the kitchen to the bare minimum. And garlicky sautéed kale became our staple at dinner almost every night.img_4561

Kale, and other greens, are really labor-intensive to prepare, seeing that they  need to be stripped, washed, and finally steamed or boiled, so we realized that having a few weeks’ supply in the freezer would be a tremendous help.  We’ll get two or three cases of kale as early in the day as possible, then spend the next couple of hours in a steamy kitchen working through a veritable mountain of leafy greens. To process such a large amount, we usually have both sides of the sink full of kale soaking, waiting to be rinsed, and our two big stockpots boiling on the stove. This time, the cases seemed fuller than usual, so it took about three hours to get all the kale boiled, chopped, and into the freezer.  We got between thirty and forty 10-ounce packets.img_4566It’s a wet, messy job, but it’s bearable when the whole of MR.OWL is lending a hand. We’ll put our favorite disc of cowboy songs into the CD player and warble along with Roy Rogers, Marty Robbins, and the Riders in the Sky.