Good afternoon, friends. I’ve been on a basket-making kick lately, specifically wastebaskets. I got fed up with the hideous plastic one that I had under my desk, so last month I set out to design a special basket to toss my trash in.  I also ended up making one as a birthday present for M, and two more are in the works for Mama and O.


Close-up of French randing section. A little lumpy, isn’t it?

They were fun to make and were a great way to use up colorful, leftover reed from previous projects. I’ve been trying to weed out some old reed so I have a better excuse to buy more!  The multi-colored reed that I used for my basket was originally dyed for a large tote basket I gave to M a couple Christmases ago, then I used some for a woven handbag for O, and after making my wastebasket I still have enough for another project.


M’s Circus Basket


For M’s, I used some oldish gold and turquoise, and some new scarlet reed for a vivid, circus-y look, and I also threw in a few hand-painted beads, each with a different design. Oh, well, call me crazy, but when you feel the urge to do something wild and fun, why not do it?  They also contributed to the basket’s pretty, wavy border. There’s no special pattern for these baskets, unless you want to call them “samplers”, because I just worked whatever weaving pattern I felt like doing in the moment. img_4753

Some of my favorites are: French ranting, (the diagonal weave that is a marvelous way to use up short scraps); checkerboard; braid-weave; and spiraling. To tell the truth, I hadn’t done a lot of basketry in the last couple of years and these last few weeks I’ve kind of rediscovered my fondness for it. I’m looking forward to more baskets, waste and otherwise, in the coming months.

Blue Skies and Tailwinds,